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Phone: 318-323-0230

The Krewe of Janus was established in 1984. It was organized by the Twin Cities’ Jaycees and became an independent organization in 1989. The Krewe of Janus promotes tourism in the Twin Cities of Monroe and West Monroe, LA by sponsoring and conducting a Mardi Gras Parade each year. This Parade has been recognized as one of the top 20 tourism events in the south for several years. During our parade in 2013, the crowd numbered approximately 175,000 people and was well over that number for our 2016 parade. 
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King and Queen Janus XXXIV
Alan Barth
Kelli Harvey
The Twin Cities' Krewe of Janus welcomes 
our new 2016-17 sponsors!  

Monroe Coca-Cola has joined with KOJ to provide a variety of beverages for our meetings and parties. Coca-Cola is a Gold Level Sponsor and we welcome them to the Krewe and invite them to participate in all activities. Be sure to pick up a 24pk of your favorite Coke beverage or a case of Dasani Water to support our new sponsor!  YAY Coke!

Welcome to our new food sponsor 2Dudes Catering. We are honored and grateful to have them aboard as a Green Level Sponsor for the upcoming season! We would forward to great meals at our meetings and other special events! Be sure to visit 2DudesCatering on Facebook,
Welcome aboard 2Dudes!!!